An Unexpected Firecrest

by A warbler a day

Today, as work had taken me down to Totton, I ended the day down at Goatee Beach nr Eling Tide Mill. I expected to see waders and gulls, which I did, but nothing special. However in a small tree by the beach I spotted a small bird flitting through the branches. My original thought was Chiffchaff but then I saw its back which was a much richer green than would be expected. Firecrest maybe? After peering into the tree for a couple of minutes I got brief but clear view of the bird’s wide pale eyestripe. It was definitely a Firecrest. It’s strange how on Saturday I heard several Firecrests singing in a well-known site for them but got no views and then today I see one when I least expect it. Bur what a pleasant surprise it was!!