A Peregrine Over Andover

by A warbler a day

Had a day off today and was rewarded with a lovely view of a Peregrine, from the parking area outside my flat. It was soaring high over the valley between Upper Clatford and Andover. An hour earlier I had seen 2 Buzzards soaring there. Later to round off a good day for raptors I saw a Kestrel over the road as I drove back from Wherwell.

This afternoon I had a another walk round Danebury Ring where I found a large flock of Fieldfares feeding with a flock of Chaffinches on one the ploughed fields. There must have been well over 50 Fieldfares in total that flew flying over as I walked back to the car.

Tomorrow it is off to Gloucestershire for a few days. I can’t wait.