A Bittern and an Egret at Blashford Lakes

by A warbler a day

I had a wonderful Sunday birdwatching at Blashford Lakes. The fun started when I walked in to the Ivy Lake South hide to be informed that a Bittern had just flown across and was now visible in the reeds on the other side of the lake. I got views of the bird flapping its wings, preening and stretching it’s neck straight up. I then visited the Ivy Lake North hide which was fairly quiet before stopping to eat my lunch and then heading to the Tern hide. Whilst there some other birdwatchers arrived and said that just after I had left Ivy Lake North a Great White Egret had appeared and was still feeding in the vegetation by there. I made the decision to head to the screen on the other side of Ivy Lake rather than the hide. When I arrived though there was no sign of the Egret. After 10 minutes I was thinking of giving up when a large white bird flew low over the water, scattering ducks as it went. I had finally seen my first Blashford GWE. I then spent 5 minutes getting fabulous vies of the bird hunting for fish.

Other good birds seen included 3 Green sandpipers, a couple of Treecreepers and a male Goldeneye.