Hawkers Everywhere!

by A warbler a day

This week I have been able to visit several sites across Hampshire including my local reserves in Andover, Rooksbury Mill and Anton Lakes, and further afield to Testwood Lakes and Lakeside Country Park. The common theme for all these sites was the number of Hawker dragonflies around. I mostly saw Migrant hawkers though I did have some very good views of a couple of Southern Hawkers. The butterflies however appear to decreasing, with the exception of the Whites, despite the continuing warmth. Though I did spot a Clouded Yellow at Testwood. On the bird front, there were increasing signs of autumn. The Tits, Finches and Warblers are beginning to form flocks, the Robins are singing again with their more mournful winter song. At Testwood lakes a Common Sandpiper was feeding along the little bit of water remaining on the scrape.