A Parliament of Ravens!

by A warbler a day

Today’s outing was over the Wessex Downs to Hungerford and then returning via Coombe Gibbet. In Hungerford, after stopping for lunch ay my favourite tea rooms, i headed for Freemen’s Marsh where I saw a Clouded Yellow and a Reed Warbler foraging amongst the sedges by the canal but apart from that it was pretty but fairly uninteresting. Coombe Gibbet on the other hand was much more exciting. There was yet another Clouded Yellow and also a few migrating birds. There was 1 small tree on Walbury Hill which had 1, possibly 2, female Redstarts and a Spotted Flycatcher. I spent at least five minutes watching them competing for the same perch, with the Flycatcher usually winning. The same tree also had some Willow Warblers flitting through the leaves and there were some Whitethroats in some bushes just 20 yards down the track. On the walk back to the car I spotted my first Whinchat of the year. However the best sight of the day came at the start of the walk as at least 50 Ravens spiralled in the thermals off Walbury Hill. More Ravens than I have ever seen before!