Keeping It Local!

by A warbler a day

Hooray! I have a week off work. However as I am low on fuel and waiting for payday I decided on the last 2 days to stick to local trips. Yesterday it was Danebury Ring and then on to Stockbridge Marsh. The butterflies were fantastic! Lots of Chalkhill Blues, several Brown Argus a Small Copper and a couple of Clouded Yellows were the stars of the show. There were also several day-flying moths spotted including Straw Dot, Pyrausta aurata and my first ever Acleris aspersana, a tiny rusty coloured Tortricid moth. Whilst walking round the hillfort i had 5 minutes enjoyment watching a Spotted Flycatcher catching flies. Later on the marsh it the dragonflies the attracted my attention, though they weren’t numerous. However I got brief glimpses of a Banded Demoiselle and a Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

Today’s visit to Chilbolton West Down and Cow Common brought a similar range of butterflies though in smaller numbers, a few over-mature Common Darter dragonflies, a Red Kite lazily flying overhead and a Little Egret feeding along the stream.

The rest of this week with money in bank and diesel in car I will heading further afield