Hawkers at Lunchtime

by A warbler a day

Before knuckling down to empty my kitchen in ready for the workman coming tomorrow, I spent an hour at lunchtime wandering around Rooksbury Mill. After the wading birds on Friday and butterflies yesterday, today it was the turn of the dragonflies as my stroll produced 5 species plus 2 of damselfly. There were 2, maybe 3, Brown Hawkers, one of which was chased off by an Emperor. A handsome male Southern Hawker perched nicely in a bush for me to see and a Common Darter rested briefly on the path. The highlight though was a Golden-ringed glimpsed flying low over the river near the mill, just where I had been informed yesterday that they have been seen recently. Though the only downer on the walk was yet another contre-temp with a dog-owner who did not seem to understand the ‘all dogs must be on leads’ sign and thought it was OK to encourage to jump in the river!