Butterflies, moths and froglets

by A warbler a day

With summer arriving the birds have gone a little quiet (with the exception of some singing but not visible Firecrests in West Wood nr Farley Mt). Fortunately there have plenty of insects about to attract my attention. In the last week over 30 species have turned up in and around my flat, including Lilac Beauty, Common Emerald and a female Ghost Moth which are all stunners. I also got some practice in identifying some micro-moths which were more challenging but less stunning.

Yesterday I went walking in the heat at Farley Mt Country Park. I was pleased to find that there were plenty of butterflies about. The scrubby slopes by the car park had plenty of Dark-green Fritillaries, Meadow Browns and Marbled Whites all duelling for good nectaring site. There were also both Narrow-bordered Five spot and Six Spot Burnet moths. In the woodland several Silver-washed Fritillaries were seen gliding along the rides. I also, rather surprisingly saw some Scarlet Tiger Moths.

This evening I had a stroll around Rooksbury Mill where there was an Emperor Dragonfly patrolling over Barlow’s Lake and a Water Vole munching on Watercress in the river. However much of the walk was spent rescuing Froglets from a very busy path.