A Vision in Pink

by A warbler a day

Another glorious Saturday, so I went to the Bishop’s Dyke area of the New Forest looking for dragonflies. I am happy to report that they were out in good numbers. There were loads of Four-spotted Chasers duelling over the boggy pools along with several Broad-bodied Chasers and Keeled Skimmers. There were also Large Red and Azure Damsels and some freshly emerged Common Darters. On the butterfly front, I saw Silver-studded Blues at various points on the heath.

However the best thing I saw was not an insect. Walking past an area of bracken I caught sight of a spike of bright pink flowers. My initial thought was ‘That’s a bit small for a Foxglove’, so I took a closer look. To my absolute delight it was a Wild Gladiolus. Looking around the vicinity I found a further 7 spikes. I have gone specifically looking for them in the past but never seen them and today I found some when not looking for them. Typical. But what a magnificent flower!!

Later I strolled around the Moonhills area of the New Forest and saw a Snipe flying from cover and 2 Tree Pipits singing from the tops of trees.

All in all another excellent day!