Little beauties

by A warbler a day

On my drive home from work today I stopped off at Stockbridge and had a walk around the Common Marsh. There I at last saw my first Banded Demoiselles of the year. These damselflies are amongst the most beautiful of british insects, the males being a glorious metallic blue-green colour with large black patch on their otherwise clear wings. There was not much else on the common apart from a Little Egret, a hovering Kestrel, a Reed Bunting and some House Martins. I drove back via The Bunny, Longstock and as the parking space by the bridge was free I stopped for a few minutes. Good Decision! Getting out of the car I was greeted by the song of a Garden Warbler, which occasionally popped into view. Also seen were Treecreepers, a Chiffchaff and a Grey Wagtail. Nice!

Up til today, this week had been one for micro moths. I am just beginning to get the hang of identifying these (mostly) tiny moths, many of which only have latin names. This week I have seen four species for the first time;
* Agonopterix subpropinquella – at home
* Nettle-tap – flying round Nettles at various sites
* Dichrorampha alpinana – flying round Ox-eye Daisies (its foodplant) at Rooksbury Mill
* Small China-mark – a pretty little white moth with aquatic caterpillars, also at Rooksbury Mill.

Tomorrow I hope to get more practice at micro-moths at the Moth trapping event for the Basingstoke Bioblitz.