A Magpie Causing Mayhem

by A warbler a day

I went for a quick after work stroll around Rooksbury Mill today. As is usual now the House Sparrows were busy catching flies over the river for their young. On the damselfy front their were plenty of Blue-tails and a couple of Common Blues. Other than that it was mostly quiet until just before I got back to the car park when I heard the characteristic buzzy trills and ‘tseep’ calls of a flock of Long-tailed Tits who sounded very agitated. From the same direction there were alarm calls of a Great-spotted Woodpecker and some Blackcaps. It wasn’t long before I saw the cause of the disturbance, a Magpie hopping through the branches of the bush hwere the Long-tailed Tit family was feeding. To their credit the Long-tails did not give the Magpie any piece and it eventually hopped off. It seems as though today it was victory to the little birds!