Damsels and dragons at Titchfield

by A warbler a day

With the sun still shining I headed down today to Titchfield Haven hoping that as well as some good birds there may be some damselflies and dragonflies. I spent the morning on the eastern side of the reserve. From the viewing area there were Common Terns, Mediterranean Gulls and Oystercatchers and further inland several Swifts. However the morning was mostly spent cursing warblers that refused to come out of cover. After lunch I went down the other side of the reserve. On the bird front there was little of interest apart from the resident Avocets and a flock of Godwits that really should have gone north by now. As usual the Meon Shore scrape was dominated by Black-headed Gulls ‘turning the air blue’ as they squabbled noisily, and occasionally violently over space on the islands. There was more interest though on th Odontata front, that’s Dragonflies and Damselflies to uninitiated. Along the west side of the reserve there are some ditches and a small pond. Around them I found my damsels, the four most common species – Large Red, Blue-tailed, Azure and Common Blue. There were also a couple of species of dragonfly over the pond, Hairy Dragonfly an Broad-bodied Chaser. So finally I have got my dragon/damselflies list for the year off and running.