Warblers and Hirundines

by A warbler a day

With rain forecast for this afternoon I went for a morning stroll around Anton Lakes. As I got out of the car I immediately caught sight of a small bird flitting from branch to branch. Chiffchaff I thought, but was it? It wasn’t dipping its tail, the green plumage seemed a little brighter and then the clincher, it had pink legs. It was a Willow Warbler, my first of the year. All the way round the lake there were little Warblers feeding in the trees, occasionally flying out to catch an insect on the wing. Some of them were Chiffchaffs and some were Willow Warblers. One of the latter was even tentatively singing. As I watched a Willow warbler perched on the fencing around one of the new islands a third species of warbler joined it, a male Blackcap. In addition to the warblers there was also a small flock of Hirundines (swallows and martins for the laymen), all 3 species of them flying over the Lakes. Warblers and hirundines, proof that spring has definitely arrived. Howver there was also a reminder of the winter just gone in a small flock of Lesser Redpoll that had not yet headed north.