Raptors over Upper Clatford

by A warbler a day

This afternoon I strolled round Upper Clatford. It was of course cold and un-springlike. Fortunately I was cheered by the sight of 3 species of raptor. Almost the first thing I saw was a Buzzard being harried by 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. It seemed to me a little unfair as 2 other buzzards were ignored by the flock of gulls. Then as I walked back to the village along Norman Court Lane, a Sparrowhawk cruised overhead and a Kestrel landed in a tree. Earlier on I spotted a couple of Redwings feeding in the paddock. As I crossed the bridge on Water Lane I heard a Great Tit, unusually sounding like a Great Tit. I went back to look for it. It turned out to be a good decision as within seconds I spotted Grey Wagtail bobbing on a branch over the stream and soon afterwards 3 Chiffchaffs flitted though a nearby bush. In other bird news the Mistle Thrush continues to sing lustily from its preferred tree near my flat.