Otters at Play

by A warbler a day

It’s been another cold day in Andover! I’ve got the week off and had originally planned to do a circular walk either from Goodworth Clatford or Chilbolton but just could not myself going this afternoon. Instead I just drove down to Rooksbury Mill. It was a good decision. Within a few minutes I spotted 2 Chiffchaffs ‘impersonating’ wrens by feeding underneath the bushes along the banks of the river. Later 2 Cetti’s Warbler flew out of a clump of sedges by Barlow’s Lake. Yet again though the best was left to last as 2 otters were swimming contentedly in the sheltered bay at the southern end of Mill Lake. I was first alerted to one of the otters coming out on the bank underneath a tree. Then they spent the next 5 minutes frequently diving and/or flipping ont their back. They finally both swam towards me, looked in my direction before diving down and disappearing. It was magical!