Sheltering from the cold!

by A warbler a day

I went for a walk this afternoon on Danebury Ring. There was a bitter cold easterly wind. unsurprisingly it was pretty quiet for most the walk, just a few Yellowhammers in the bushes on the slope up to the hillfort and fleeting glimpses of the odd thrush. Apart from that there was nothing until I reached a clump of yew trees on the far side of the hillfort. Suddenly lots of little birds – Great Tits, Blue Tits, Goldcrests and a Nuthatch. They, of course, all had the right idea. Sheltering where it is nice and warm. Unfortunately I had to brave the wind again and get back to my car. As on my previous trip to Danebury, there was bird related interest on the journey home. First I saw some Red-legged Partridges, my first of the year. This was closely followed by a flock of at least 30 Yellowhammers feeding along the edge of the same field. Finally there was a group of five Stock Doves opposite the gates to Farleigh School.